What Buyers Say

Morgan Clements

I’ve known Dan Wolfe for at least 8 years and have always found him to be responsive, attentive to details, and honest. Our work as a military and government contractor has at times required customized solutions. Dan built a custom dark-web search engine which we used for government and corporate clientele. This proved to be one of our biggest successes and produced results that had a very significant impact on national security, while also helping us serve our favorite financial-services clients. Dan operates with the necessary level of integrity required for such efforts and I hope we can partner with him for a long time to come.

Morgan Clements

Tom Martin

I have worked with Dan Wolfe since 2009, he has been able to secure our sites, and upgrade them. Over the years he has worked on countless websites for me, customizing scripts, templates, and connecting them to social media. Always a pleasesure to work with, and prompt with answers and advice.

Glen Martin

Dan Wolfe has worked with me for several years in helping to build and maintain my website Prepper Broadcasting as well as all facets pertaining to including the invaluable help in setting up automated systems to promote what I do and in developing my 24/7 radio feed. His services as a webmaster along with his prompt and expert work have enabled me to move faster and far beyond what I ever expected. He’s always been available when I’ve needed him most carving out the time to make work what I could not. I would consider Dan an expert in his field and an asset not to be passed up by anyone needing help with anything web related.