Encryption protocols are only the first step to securing your data. Technical instructions on what are the best practices for a security culture in the workplace are needed in easy to understand terms that your employees can follow. Instruction and Guides within the scope of the project are included in all projects, provided in a step by step format, clear and complete.

Blockchain Intergration

The world of money is changing. New technology has given rise to new ways to do business to business. The advancement of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Iota, and Steem, there are now new ways to make your business profitable in ways that were unheard of ten years ago. Contact me with your requirements, and I will bring your business up to speed.

Web Development

From WordPress, Joomla, and even Custom CMS, I can upload, configure and customize all aspects of your current or new project. My progress is live for you to watch as I complete the tasks set out by you for me to accomplish, before it is uploaded and served to your hosting account. Need background process that run every five minutes or just once a year? I can do that too.

Social Networking

Twitter, Facebook, and a host of others is more than spreading your brand, it’s a way of interacting with your clients and getting real time feed back about your products and services. It also helps at targeting your location, and business niche that customers are searching for. Connecting your business in a seamless way to social media, and as a result increase your search ranking is the best way to provide your customer base more information about you, and keep you in there minds.


Your customers want to shop online. Believe it or not, the first online sale happened in 1984, the store was Tesco. By 2004 online shopping was becoming more common, with the average percentage of sales across all retail jumping to 8.5% in the spring of 2017. By Christmas of 2017 sales had increased to the point that the United States Postal Service was seeing historic delays. Point of Sale systems are only the begining, if you have a print on demand business plan, custom work, or digital products and services, call me.

Technical Writing

Technical writing requires a skill set to understand all the details, and be able to tell others what it means in easy digestible bits (Pun Intended). Sometimes businesses are required to include in their content disclaims, terms of service, and other legal notices which are directly related to market, as well other other content that is a little more customized. Contact for rates of the project and I will give you a fair quote.

Website Maintenance

“Continuous improvement is not something most organizations are good at, but it is essential for success on the Web.” – Gerry McGovern (

Even with automatic scripts to update source codes, improvements, and redesign of templates have to be done on a regular basis, I monitor your sites and check them individually with my team.

Law Enforcement & Armed Forces

Law enforcement agencies, Armed Forces Members (active or retired), please provide verification via your public relations officer for discounts. If you are interested in hiring me for projects that would fall under FOIA and IC please contact Morgan Clements at and mention you want me for a project.


Host Mozart is more or less my personal online landing page, or business card if you will. I work with a great team from

Most project require more than a webmaster to be successful, a good copyrighter, marketing, and a host of little things need to be organized and taken care of. Josh Lampright and the rest of his team at OCGNow handles all that and more, I’m just the guy that makes it work.