API COMMAND: rproxy (Random Proxy)

Dan Wolfe/ March 8, 2018

Basic Information: RPROXY

The command provides connection information to a random proxy service, and other related information.

Max and Min Defaults:

Some parameters have a minimum and/or maximum value. Setting values outside this scope will not effect the request, as the system will replace the value with the needed minimum or maximum value.

For example: if a value for cache is not set or below the minimum the system will replace the value to the minimum time. If an option has a maxium value and the passed value is greater, the system will replace that value with it’s maximum.

  • cache Min: 60 minutes
  • limits Max: 100 (for free accounts)
  • shared_limit Max: N/A

GET Request:

Request Description
APIKEY Your API Key which can be found on your profile, if you need to change the KEY, edit the API SALT to something random.
whois The API Command
cache Cache Time in minutes. (Response cachetime is in seconds)
opt Comma separated options for this command.
GET URL Example: http://hostmozart.com/api.php?APIKEY=YOURAPIKEY&cmd=rproxy

Server Reponse:

Key Value Meaning
TIMESTAMP 2018-03-05 18:05:41 Mysqli Timestamp Format of the first cached request.
valid OK Returns with OK if API Key is valid
Limit 1/100 Returns with the number of today’s API requests over this user’s 24 hour limit
cache true Returns true if this command and options have been cached, or is cached.
cachetime 18000 If present, the ammount of time in seconds this request will be cached.
cmd whois The actual command that was used for this request
success true Returns true if the command is available
options_count 0 Returns the number of options that were passed with the GET request
opt_0 … N/A If applicable, returns opt_NUMBER of each option that was passed to the GET request, and the value of the option that was sent.
required_options 0 Returns the number of options that must be passed for this command.
options_test passed If options_count does not match required_options returns false.
response_code success If all requirements are met, and api data is available returns success, returns failure on errors.

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